Leggings a-go-go or Leggings a-no-no? A Societal Reaction Checklist for Leggings-as-Pants

We have all seen it. Leggings…as pants. Sometimes (rarely) it works, but most times it does not. As a general rule of thumb, LEGGINGS/TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS!   Inspired by an awful incident on the train this afternoon, and with the help of Facebook, I have created the “Societal Reaction Checklist of Questions” to assist … Continue reading

Reading Challenge Update: Month 4

Where are the months going? It’s the middle of April! 3 whole months completed of my reading challenge and already half way through the fourth! Here are the stats as they stand: Goal: 352 Books Read in 2012 Books Read from Jan-March 2012:  92 Books Left to Read: 260 Book Goal for April: 30   … Continue reading

Hot and Bothered! The Not-So-Hidden Issue In Our Political Climate Today. Let’s Talk About SEX!

To begin: WHAT I BELIEVE ABOUT SEX: These first 5 statements are taken directly from SEICUS (www.seicus.org) Do check them out, they are outstanding. Sexual rights are human rights, and they are based on the inherent freedom, dignity, and equality of all human beings. Sexual rights include the right to bodily integrity, sexual safety, sexual … Continue reading

Originally posted on SF Bay Area:
A day or so ago, I wrote about the Repugnicant’s Southern Strategy: Grits and Vaginas. In the first part of this two-part analysis, I used grits as a symbol of Southern pride and pointed out that candidates frequently make rather juvenille and ostentatious attempts to identify with local cultures.…

Toddler + Beige Carpet + Paint Extravaganza = No Mess, No Fear…actually F-U-N!

My kid likes paint. It’s a pretty bold statement to make, but it is, in fact, true. Diva is attracted to paint almost as much as Paisley-the-dog is attracted to the couch. That being said, Diva would paint all day if I let her. If she turns out to be a mini-Picasso, I have a … Continue reading

If Whining Were An Olympic Sport…

Diva would be the reigning gold medalist. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. is a battle. “Diva, it’s nap time.”  WHINNNNEEEEEE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….. *semi-real tears* “Diva, here is your milk.”  “Noooo MILK. Want APPLE juice” (and vice versa) Cry. Cry. Cry. Cry.  I appreciate that my child is sensitive and caring. I appreciate that my child is learning about … Continue reading

Remembering Our Fallen Today

Today is the funeral for SSG Jordan Bear. He was KIA in Afghanistan. He was 25 years old. Let us all take a moment and remember, in our thoughts and prayers, all those that have died in war. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – … Continue reading

Our New Lives As “Fish Killers and Terrors of the Pet Store.”

Imagine this scenario if you will. The afternoon is rainy to the point of monsoon-y. It is cold. A young mother, her psychotic dog, and her toddler are trudging through the misery to the pet store to get more dog food. The puddles are splashing into the “turns out they aren’t actually waterproof” mommy boots. … Continue reading

“Parenting Without Perfection” or “How-I-Stack-Up-When-Compared-To-Fictional-Dryer-Sheet-Commercial-Worlds-of-Reality. Take One”

Oy Vey. I have been reading parenting blogs lately. They are sometimes really fun to read but at times I get really sick of the: Bragging Blogs “my child is an angelic bundle of cherubic innocence who, oh by the way, is working on her fourth language before the age of 4″  Psh. Whatever. My … Continue reading

Never Underestimate A Woman + A Staple Gun! Adventures from Pinterest!

I love projects. I really do. I love to create things and while I am kinda obsessed with Pinterest, I rarely seem to do anything that I pin other than baking. This had to change! I decided this past week to transform my room into something that I was inspired by on Pinterest and I … Continue reading

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