‘ello, Poppet! Our Obsession With Accents!

We, citizens of the USA, have a slight obsession with accented people. Particularly those people from a “Commonwealth Country” (U.K., Australia, Ireland/Scotland etc…) We love it. We eat it up. Want your game show to succeed? Get an Australian model to emcee it, a snarky British guy to judge it and some sweet Irish lady … Continue reading

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Got the keys to my parents new place today and went over to make sure everything was ok. Miss Diva loves to have a bunch of empty house to run around in and she just took off, bouncing off the walls and having a grand old time. She was rocketing around, happily, I was inspecting … Continue reading

Mad World

I am obsessed with lyrics. I love music and the poetry of lyrics always gets me. I am constantly wishing that life came with a soundtrack and I already know what songs I would pick to accompany me throughout the day. As I have been cleaning my house this evening, I have left my iTunes … Continue reading

Jumping Into: Blogging Goddess!

Well. Here we are. Me staring at the blank screen and wondering, now that I have a blog, what on earth I will write about. You wondering how you got here. This is promising. In all honesty, I am really not all that interesting. Well, maybe I am. Mostly, I am quirky. You will never meet … Continue reading

Twinkle Twinkle Little E-I-E-I-O

We are a musical bunch, here at the Bekah household. I always have music playing and consequently, Diva McCrankyPants loves music. She dances her cute little tushie off and she sings a lot. Recently she has begun serenading herself to sleep, always a wonderful experience to listen to. From before she was born I have sung to … Continue reading

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