Jumping Into: Blogging Goddess!

Well. Here we are. Me staring at the blank screen and wondering, now that I have a blog, what on earth I will write about. You wondering how you got here. This is promising. In all honesty, I am really not all that interesting. Well, maybe I am. Mostly, I am quirky. You will never meet another person like me. This will be a quirky blog. It will have stories from Diva McCrankyPants, my precocious 2 year old. It will have rants from the trials of graduate school that are bound to happen. A fair amount of musings will  be present. Perhaps some opinions. A fair chance of some current events. Possibly some recipes. Definitely some sarcasm. This is my blog and I am the goddess of this realm. Stop in, stay awhile. Have a cuppa or a shot or two. All are welcome.

Peace, love, cupcakes and a maybe a glass of Moscato,


2 Responses to “Jumping Into: Blogging Goddess!”
  1. Savanna says:

    Welcome to the blogging world!

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