Happy Humanitarian Fairy is dropping happiness. On your head. Look out!

Listen up, interwebz.


I, the nicknamed Happy Heathen/Happy Humanitarian/Happy Fairy, am going to drop some happiness on your head.


Because I can. And it’s important for your health.


Some days, life seriously sucks. It does. Nothing goes right. You miss your flight. Your luggage is lost. You hate your situation. You feel trapped.  The kids drive you batshit loony. The significant others are being royal PITAs. Work is failing. School is draining. The dog peed on you. The cat threw up on your pillow. The car is making a very suspicious noise that you are going to optimistically ignore because you JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. We lose people we love. We miscommunicate with others. We fight. We cry. We hate. Seriously, sometimes it really does SUCK.

If you are having a day like that, please accept this internet hug from me. It is sent sincerely and with love. I want to brighten your day a bit. You need it. If you aren’t having a craptastic day, have a hug anyway. I am a hugger. It is amazing the power of a hug, isn’t it? The simple act of human touch can be soothing, it can be relief, it can be comfort, it can simply show that another person in the world is out there and cares about you. I care. I care a lot.  If you don’t believe me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Lp3s4ygDw0&list=FLFMTx6LncDWE&index=12 (Click on that, it shows my full devotion to how much I care about making you smile!)

So why be happy?

Simply put: if nothing else, be happy that it’s already tomorrow in Australia so therefore this day will end. I have had days where I seriously did not smile ONCE.  I have been so caught up in things where I forget to remember the silly. The ridiculous. The flat-out JOY that life can bring.  At times, people tell me that I am flighty and silly. It’s true. I can be.

Wanna know a secret though?

I am that way because it keeps me sane. I recommend it as a coping mechanism to others too. I deal with the harshness of life through laughter. I embrace the little random things because they remind me to not take home the hard day-to-day drama that I encounter. It allows me to work with people who have had stories that really only belong in Stephen King novels and still maintain some semblance of sanity.

So. Seek out the silly, dear friends. This Happy Humanitarian wants you too!

Below are some recommendations to make you smile.


Never forget, someone DOES care about you (and not just me!)!


Turn that frown upside down and that no-good-really-bad day into simply silly!



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