Veterans Day

Veterans Day


Today we honor and remember those men and women who have stepped up and said, “I’ll go.” and served our country through the military. Some gave all, all gave some and yet it almost seems trite to categorize this day with such greeting card-esque phrases.

“Honoring all who served.”

“Remembering your service.”

How does that really describe what it means that we send these brave men and women off to fight in a war? A war that we, the average citizen, don’t really have to think about a whole lot? It has become a given. There is a war, we have people to fight it, life goes on. This societal apathy is becoming an epidemic.

Maybe it’s because we cannot fathom what it means. Maybe it’s because the actual act of joining and serving in the military is complex. It means different things to different people. Some join for a better future, others for patriotic pride. Some join because they want to serve others, others are saved by joining. We make the choice to join or not. Most of us choose to not.

We honor our vets today, from wars past and present.

Active duty, Reserves, Retired.

We also should remember the families behind them that sacrificed too. They, regardless of political reasoning or belief systems, allowed our country to utilize their family member as a tool of defense and policy.  Families have been both strengthened and ripped apart by that decision. That is not an easy sacrifice. It should not be overlooked. We all give, each day. But some give more. To my family and friends that have served, I am thankful for you. To those whom I have never met, but also serve, I am thankful for you too.

So today, remember to say thank you and send up a prayer if you feel so inclined. You don’t need to believe in the war or the foreign policy to do that. Just remember the people who have made that choice and be thankful for them. It all can change in a minute.

In the spirit of celebrating service, I challenge you to spend today or even this weekend giving back to your community. Go serve a meal at your local soup kitchen, participate in a food drive at the store or even go through your closet to donate some old things to Disabled American Vets (DAV) or Goodwill. My personal favorite way to give back is to sponsor a deployed soldier through Soldier’s Angels. Write a letter. Send a package. Say thank you. Give back. I have been a member of S.A. since 2004 and I really cannot describe to you how much I love that organization. It is an amazing community of volunteers dedicated to ensuring that no soldier goes unloved.

For a list of the names of the fallen, to remember in prayer, click here

To contribute to the Wounded Warrior Project, click here.

To contribute to the USO, click here:

In memory of all who have fallen and all who serve. You are in our thoughts today but in our hearts always.



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