Dear Drivers, When You CHOOSE To TXT And Drive, Your Car Becomes A WMD.


Diva and I are super thankful to our Guardian Angels this morning. They were seriously working overtime.

It is a foggy, dreary and drizzly day outside today; we have already been out and about in it for our morning run and the visibility combined with the rainy misting is not great. I should have realized that driving wasn’t going to be much better. Nevertheless, we got ready for the day and ventured out to drop Diva off at “school” and for me to run some errands. The fog was still definitely an issue, it wasn’t valley fog and super dense but visibility was still limited to about half a car length ahead of your headlights. It was clearly fog lights, drive slower and be cautious weather.

As a creature of habit, there are three ways that I primarily use to get to Diva’s school. The most direct way, the highway or the roundabout residential shortcut that is useful during bad traffic. I chose the main way this morning and was bumping along, singing along to Taylor Swift on the radio and keeping my eyes peeled for any of our city’s famous (and sometimes slightly crazy) cyclists who share the road. Going through an intersection about 4 miles from the school, it happened. A pickup ran the red light and was coming barreling towards Diva’s side of the car, the driver was holding his phone up and appeared to be texting.

We avoided being T-boned this morning only by the grace of God. I know some people might say that flippantly but this time, it really is true. We should have been hit. My reaction time is fast but in order to feasibly get out of the way, it would have had to be superhuman. Thanks are to God that we weren’t hurt and got out of the way. It was like a real life “Jesus, take the wheel” moment because I still don’t know how we avoided it. Even now, an hour later, I am still keyed up thinking about how much damage a truck could have done to my tiny Focus, the only thing that was in between Diva and the impact. To imagine that the impact would have been where Diva sits…I refuse to imagine the damage to my precious girl. Damage done because somebody couldn’t be bothered to put down their %&*(% phone and drive cautiously.


A 2004 Ford F350 has a curb weight of 5, 415 lbs. It’s a hefty vehicle. Add the laws of physics and motion and you have yourself not only a vehicle for transportation but also the potential for a lot of destruction.

In contrast, my 2009 Ford Focus sedan weighs a petite 2,600lbs. It may be little but it could still cause destruction too.

A car can become a weapon of mass destruction when you are impaired behind the wheel. Simple harsh truth.

When you drive, you are not just keeping you and your family safe in your car, you are also defending them from other people on the road.

When you choose to text and drive, you are endangering everyone, including yourself, every single time.

Is that text message really worth crushing a young mother and her child with your vehicle because you ran a red light while replying ‘omg!’?

Is that next level of Angry Birds worth clipping a cyclist and either killing or permanently injuring them?

Do you really need to check your email in traffic?

The answer is, of course, a resounding NO.

Texting and driving is NEVER OK.

Have a smartphone? There is no excuse for you to text and drive. There are voice activated apps for you to use. Better yet, wait until you are out of the car.

We live in an age where technology is everywhere. Your phone can do everything from turn on your car to providing a source of identification when you crash your car for playing with it. Example: I have voice activated technology and hands free voice activated Bluetooth. All the people that I normally talk to are pre-programmed. Instead of flipping through contacts, I just push the button on my steering wheel and say “Call Home”. No texting. No dialing. Hands on the wheel at all times, ready to get out of the way of idiots in their car. Even with that though, I try not to talk and drive because it is still a distraction. I carry precious cargo. When Diva is not in the car, my choices still affect her. We’re a dynamic duo. She needs her mama. Just like I need her.


Don’t text and drive.

I want to see my daughter grow old and happy. Our story isn’t finished yet. Don’t end it or yours because of a stupid choice. Your phone can wait, the innocent people in your path cannot.


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  1. Hi, I payed forward a Versatile Blogger Award to you because I really enjoy your blog.

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