Tales of Child and Dog: More Muffin Calamity

This is a short story of the adventures of Diva and her precious pooch Paisley:


Diva loves Muffins. Particularly blueberry muffins. She had a muffin with lunch. Paisley (the dog) was eyeing the muffin. Paisley probably had never tried a blueberry muffin this delicious. Diva looked away. Paisley leaped. The muffin fell. Paisley snatched the muffin. Diva snatched Paisley. Paisley thought it was a game. Diva was PISSED. The muffin was partially intact and partially ground into my floor. Diva grabbed the muffin. Paisley dropped it. Diva got on all fours and ate the muffin as ravenously and animal like as she could. Like a dog. Paisley licked Diva’s head. I freaked out about tapeworm. Paisley was startled by my freaking out and started howling. Diva started crying because Paisley was howling. Both have been separated from each other. My carpet now has blueberry stains. WHY DOES MY LIFE REVOLVE AROUND THE WHIMS OF MUFFINS? 🙂 End of story.

Peace, love and muffin calamity,


One Response to “Tales of Child and Dog: More Muffin Calamity”
  1. Cori says:

    Thanks Bekah for sharing, I can totally visualize this!! :-))

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