Lent 2012: Renew. Restart. Rejuvenate. Rejoice. Respond.


Here we are, another Lent season upon us.

I have always enjoyed Lent as a time to refocus my life and gain spiritual perspective. It is a time for contemplation and reflection and also action.

This year, I decided that my Lenten season would be spent with 5 specific goals in mind.

1. Renew: I want to renew relationships and restructure how I go through the day. I want to eliminate things that take my focus away from God and my family. In order to do that, I need to eliminate some distractions. Thus, no Facebook for the period of Lent so I can ensure that there is ample time during the day to dedicate to renewing my relationships, spiritual or otherwise.

2. Restart: Every so often, you computer says that it needs to restart so that it can run some updates. This is generally recognized as a way to keep your computer in good health. In the same respect, I want to take this time and restart some healthier living habits and in order to do so, I am limiting my caffiene and alcohol intake. I don’t drink a lot of either but I need to make sure that I am making my health a bigger priority. A large tradition in Lent is fasting and for the most part, I do not follow that, but I think that making an effort towards taking care of the body God gave me is something that I need to do.

3. Rejuvenate: I am ‘spiritual’ but I go through phases with organized religion. I was raised Christian (specifically in the anabaptist tradition)  and I do identify as Christian. I want to take this Lent time and rejuvenate my spiritual life by focusing on listening. I will be following a structured/directed daily prayer model and hope that through meditation and be cognizant I will be able to discern more spiritual guidance. The Taize song “Oh Lord Hear My Prayer” and the praise song, “Create in Me a Clean Heart” are two anthems of sorts that I am using for inspiration.

4. Rejoice: Life can be hard. Sometimes the weather sucks, the job economy sucks, and the life we lead is dreadfully NOT what we expected. It doesn’t matter. We have blessings and I have challenged myself personally to see the blessings instead of the struggles more often. Bloom where I am planted! God has blessed my life in so many ways, it is high time I stop taking that for granted and try to be a bit more thankful.

5. Respond: One of the tenets of faith that I most heartily subscribe to is that of Christ-like service. I strongly believe in service to humanity and our community and try to live that way. My final goal for Lent is not to give something up, but to find ways to give back. We are all interconnected and living a life of service to others is something I hope to achieve…as well as demonstrate to Diva. I hope to find opportunities that we both are able to serve in our own capacities.

That’s it. That’s what I want to do for Lent.

Peace and Blessings,


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