Reading Challenge Update!


As a self-professed bookworm/book addict/ bibliophile, the idea of a reading challenge to myself gives me an almost absurd amount of joy. I love to read. Always have, always will.

The stats are as follows:

Book Goal: 352

Total Books Read For January: 25

Total Books Read For February: 32

Books Remaining For Initial Goal: 295

Goal for March: 35

I have had some questions about how it is possible to read, on average, a book a day. The best way I can describe it is, in addition to my semi-photographic memory, I read differently.

An example:

The superhero cape was a brilliant purple trimmed in iridescent green.

When I read that sentence, silly though it might be, I do not read every single word. I don’t go through it as “the..superhero…cape…was…a…brilliant…purple…trimmed…in…iridescent…green.”

I see the sentence as a whole and process it into the context of the paragraph. There is a purple and green superhero cape. Check.  Often times, especially when I am reading something particularly engaging, I can see the image that the words are trying to portray. I don’t read every word individually  but I see the flashes of images from the words as a whole. If that makes sense. I process it into images. I see the superhero as described previously and as I look at that sentence, I instantly add a brilliant purple cape, trimmed in iridescent green. It is hard to explain, hopefully this is making sense.

In any case, this strange way of reading and processing thoughts and words has done me an enormous amount of good. I can read everything from technical books and policy to adventure novels and romance with the same processing speed and memory. I am not at all worried about not meeting my goal of 352 books this year but I am enamored with the idea of creating a list of literary works that I have read. I go through phases with my reading and the nerd in me is delighted at the idea of looking it over periodically.

If you want to follow along, or if you need more reading ideas, check out the list:




Happy Reading!

Peace, love and a laminated nerd ID card,


2 Responses to “Reading Challenge Update!”
  1. Now that’s pretty impressive! for me, I find I can hit one or two books per day if they’re light fiction (YA, Romance, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy…), but my reading time gets dragged out if the books wander over into the heavier genres.

    My reading goal is 125 books this year. 30 down, 95 to go!

    • simply.bekah says:

      Way to go! Have you read anything lately that you recommend? I am always on the hunt for new material. I have been in a funk about international policy and memoirs of humanitarian aid workers lately. Thanks for stopping by!

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