Pay It Forward: Hero Edition! ~An Opportunity To Give Back!~ Military March Madness!

As an American, the concept of our country being at war can be something that has become “background noise” for many of us. If we don’t have a personal connection to the military, it can be easy to forget that we even have tens of thousands of troops deployed overseas, risking their life. We have become desensitized to the names on the news. We may see the names of those that have been killed and feel sad. We may express remarks that are vaguely related to some sort of political statement. Maybe we make a profound and patriotic tweet. But after our obligatory “UR in my prayers. xx god bless our troops xx” on Twitter or Facebook, how many of us then  go back to wondering who is going to get voted off of this season of Survivor?  My bet? A lot of us.

We are at WAR and yet, it seems easy to ignore that fact. We put a bumper sticker on our cars that says “Support Our Troops.” but what does that actually mean? HOW do we support our troops?

As a passionate long-term supporter of Soldier’s Angels, the USO, and our military and their families, this attitude can become disheartening and frustrating for me. People I know and love are over there risking their life and no matter how you feel politically, it doesn’t change the fact that right now? They could die. Many have died. The Washington Post keeps a record of the Fallen. Every last one of the 6,358 men and women who have died serving in Iraq or Afghanistan is named. Take a look at that list, it makes it all real again. (

I would like to issue a challenge to everyone who reads this blog. Let’s rise up together and support our troops this month.

I hereby declare March to be: (drumroll please!) MILITARY MARCH MADNESS!

Support The Troops! Participate in Military March Madness!

Spring has sprung, let’s send some cheer! While I support many, many military support organizations, I would like to bring attention to one project that has touched VERY close to home. This is an awesome opportunity for every person to really make a difference. Read the story below and then follow the steps!

On March 1, SSG Jordan Bear, 25, of Denver, CO, and SPC Payton Jones, 19, of Marble Falls, TX, were KIA in Afghanistan. Both heroes were members of my friend Nate’s unit and had been in-country for less than a month. I received the news as I was knee-deep in cookie dough, baking cookies and packing care packages for my friend and his guys. And just like that, I realized how close to home, literally and figuratively, the war had come.

As a Military Social Work graduate student, my life is dedicated to serving those who serve. However, a limited graduate student budget and having multiple friends deployed at the same time has made it harder to keep sending packages overseas. And so now, after four years of care packages, I am asking for help to keep sending a little bit of home to our troops overseas.

I’m more than happy to keep shopping for the supplies, doing the baking, and stuffing flat-rate boxes to within an inch of their life. All I’m asking for is a little help with the cost of shipping the boxes (currently $13.45 a box). Nate and his boys have more than 8 months left on their deployment. And after that, someone else will be sent in their place. And after that, and after that, and after that. Let’s show them the American public still has their back and supports them while they’re so far from home fighting for this great country.

My time spent volunteering with the USO and Red Cross Services to Armed Forces program have shown me that people DO want to help and support our troops but just don’t know how. Here is that “how.” Please consider making a donation through PayPal ( and let our service members know they have NOT been forgotten after 10 long years of war. –Katie C.

* * * * *


  1. Share this blog post to spread the word! Reblog and let’s get as many supporters out! Feel free to link back, tweet or facebook. We want EVERYONE to know!
  2. Go visit “Fundraising For The Troops” on Facebook to keep abreast of the effort!
  3. Check out the amazing song “Fallen Soldier” by Nathan Fair on iTunes. His perspective, as an active-duty serving military member, combined with the raw and emotional lyrics really sends the message of support home. You can get the song here:
  4. Donate to For The Troops to help send many, many boxes of love and support their way! Big or small, every cent goes to sending these heroes some happiness in a box. Can’t spare a lot? I hear you. Life is expensive. But I have this idea. Let’s ALL donate $5. (you are always welcome to donate more). $5 can’t actually buy a lot these days but multiplied together? We have ourselves a movement!
  5. Say a prayer for the friends and families of the fallen and those currently serving. Military service means different things to different people but every single person needs support and we can uplift them in prayer to whomever you pray to. 🙂 




I propose this. I want to do a giveaway in honor of Military March Madness!

In order to enter, all you need to do is this:

  1.  Like this post and go like the Facebook page:
  2. Invite your friends to like the page and reblog the post, comment a message of support on the Facebook wall.
  3. Get your friends to “like” your comment.
  4. Share on Twitter and tell me you did by linking it to @simplybekahblog with #militarymarchmadness
  5. The person who brings the most supporters for the month of March will be awarded this amazing and awesome prize: 


Isn’t that awesome? To re-cap:

Donate $5 to support our troops. (PAYPAL at
Like a Facebook page, share this blog and tweet, status update, text, email or talk about it to others.

Use #militarymarchmadness to talk about it on Twitter or Pinterest!

Leave a message of support for our troops on the  For The Troops Facebook page. All messages of support will be passed on to our selected unit through letters and cards within the care packages!

Get your friends to “like” your comment.

Winner is the person with the most likes on Facebook and the person with the most adds on Twitter. Remember to address it to @SimplyBekahBlog and #militarymarchmadness.




What are you waiting for? Get on it! Let’s show our troops that we do support them and send some love their way for MILITARY MARCH MADNESS!

Peace, Love, and the Home of the Brave,


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