Never Underestimate A Woman + A Staple Gun! Adventures from Pinterest!

I love projects. I really do. I love to create things and while I am kinda obsessed with Pinterest, I rarely seem to do anything that I pin other than baking.

This had to change!

I decided this past week to transform my room into something that I was inspired by on Pinterest and I built a wall shelving unit, a headboard from scratch and some new vocabulary words when I was trying to get everything installed! Here’s what I did:


(instructions can be found on the fabulous blog:

The pile of stuff that will become my headboard. Here we go!

(Helpful Tip: If you don’t already know how to load a staple gun, google it first instead of the old “trial and error” method…your table or work surface will thank you.)

My pretty travel related fabric! It's a mix of postage marks from around the world and passport stamps. I like!!

(Another helpful tip: get a rotary cutter. You will be cutting a LOT of fabric out and it is easier that way. I used about 3.5yds for a Full size headboard that was 28X51)

I probably should be required to have a permit before staple gunning things in the future. Oh Lordy.

Don’t forget…STAPLE AT AN ANGLE! Otherwise you will be banging your headboard tiles with a hammer on the “pretty side” to smash down the pokey’s from the staples.

One down, 14 to go!

This is something I added that were not in the instructions. I did not have any spray paint handy to paint the plywood a neutral color to match my fabric so I took extra fabric and covered the edges on both sides so I could at least prevent any more splinters. This turned out to be a good idea.

Staple your heart out on this side!!

All put together!~ I attached it with liquid nails AND little gold nails in the corners. 😀

It’s so pretty!!

Mounting this on the wall was...vocabulary building. If you have someone around to help, that would be best. By yourself can be...challenging.

Headboard DONE! Success! Total cost: $60. Total cost of headboard I wanted at the store: $350. I consider this a success!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


This was created using a mix of old bookcases I had that I was using and some more shelving from Home Depot. I did not take photos during the making of but it is pretty self explanatory. Check it out! (and yes, I am a bibliophile…haven’t you figured that out yet from the reading challenge?!)

The gap where the light is, will be fixed soon. But I built all that. I am proud! (I also have another 3 book cases outside my room full of books. Oh how I love my books!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


I had some leftover wood and tacks from the headboard and I was bored and had a stack of old records from the Goodwill that I forget what I was going to make with them.

I have created this. I have mixed feelings about it but it only took about 10 minutes and now that section of wall is not blank! I might add hooks and make it a key holder. Hmmmmm….

It's kinda fun. I like it.


Happy Crafting! Follow me on Pinterest if you want, just search for “SimplyBekahBlog”

Peace, love and staple guns,



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