Leggings a-go-go or Leggings a-no-no? A Societal Reaction Checklist for Leggings-as-Pants

We have all seen it.

Leggings…as pants.

Sometimes (rarely) it works, but most times it does not.

As a general rule of thumb, LEGGINGS/TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS!

A Perfect Example! Leggings A-Go-Go and Leggings A-No-NO!

Inspired by an awful incident on the train this afternoon, and with the help of Facebook, I have created the “Societal Reaction Checklist of Questions” to assist future legging-wearers with their choices.


(Similar to my recent train incident!)

Good questions to consider before wearing tights/leggings as pants:

  1.  Are the features accented by the second-skin like layer of fabric I am wearing as pants the features I WANT accented? Keep in mind that the entire business down there will be on display.
  2. Can I think of at least 4 good reasons why transparent like tight pants are a good idea to wear to the office? (Disregard if you work in a strip club.)
  3. If they are transparent/sheer/see-through, can you rationalize what you are going to do about underwear? Panty lines are never attractive but neither is a crotch-shot to the homeless guy on the train because you decided to go commando…think about this.
  4. Do you wish to look like Robin Hood? Robin Hood Men in Tights was a quality film. I highly recommend it. Tights/leggings as pants could be appropriate if one is dressing daily as Robin Hood. Or possible Robin from Batman. Are you Robin??
  5.  Do I have a secret desire to end up on a mocking website because of my pants or lack thereof?
  6. Have I mistaken leggings for yoga pants? They are NOT the same thing.
  7. Is it ‘that time of the month’? If it is, COVER UP. MAJOR LEGGINGS A NO-NO!


A helpful chart to print off and place on your mirror!

You'll notice that even Robin Hood kept the business covered with a tunic thing. I recommend longer tunics. But cover the business!!
Temporary LEGGINGS A GO-GO because it's Robin Hood.

Leggings A NO NO. REPEAT. NO NO.


Leggings can be cute. I wear them all the time. Just make sure you put some other clothes on with them, please!!

An excellent essay for more discussion of the topic: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bunmi-zalob/leggings-are-not-pants-an_b_761958.html !


Keeping it classy! Leggings a GO-GO!


Peace, love , and cover-your-butt!

4 Responses to “Leggings a-go-go or Leggings a-no-no? A Societal Reaction Checklist for Leggings-as-Pants”
  1. I’m very fond of leggings but living in a tropical country makes wedges and platform, to me, the foot wear of choice. The ‘No, no’ examples are extreme and funny! Thanks for sharing!

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