April 2012

APRIL 2012!

Here are the stats as they stand:

Goal: 352 Books Read in 2012

Books Read from Jan-March 2012:  92

Books Left to Read: 260

Book Goal for April: 30

  1. gods behaving badly by Marie Phillips
  2. Safe Haven* by Nicholas Sparks (Always a good read!)
  3. Devil’s Corner* by Lisa Scottoline (Twisty and dark! Mysterious!)
  4. The Secret Soldier by Alex Berenson (I wasn’t a huge fan.)
  5. Bookless in Baghdad* by Shashi Tharoor (Really interesting read!)
  6. Missing Mark* by Julie Kramer (I read this in the car, it was light and fluffy and road-trip material!)
  7. in a perfect world by Laura Kasischke (Intriguing!)
  8. The Rapture of Canaan by Sheri Reynolds (I haven’t made up my mind on this book yet. It is on my “to read again and discover more” list.)
  9. A Passage to India* by E.M. Forster (a classic!)

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