Never Underestimate A Woman + A Staple Gun! Adventures from Pinterest!

I love projects. I really do. I love to create things and while I am kinda obsessed with Pinterest, I rarely seem to do anything that I pin other than baking. This had to change! I decided this past week to transform my room into something that I was inspired by on Pinterest and I … Continue reading

This is lunch. Take it or Leave it.

  Oh, food battles. How they tire me. Do you ever feel like your kid is going to survive solely on air and Nilla Wafers? Yeah. We have that problem here too. Food is a battle at times and not just for Diva, for me as well. I was an impossibly picky eater as a … Continue reading

Becoming a Herbivore: A Beginners Guide to Vegetarianism Part 1

  Recently a friend of mine asked me to write a blog post about being vegetarian and some important things to consider when making the switch. I am happy to oblige! I should point out that I am a lifelong vegetarian so my experience is going to be different than someone who is switching over … Continue reading

Too Nutty For A Nutter Butter!

I am nuts. Seriously. N-U-T-S. Nuts. Not just because I love nuts, I do. Peanut butter, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans…I know my way around the nuts. I have just come to this conclusion that life is like a nut bowl and we are all different players. Humor me while I attempt to … Continue reading

Tales of Child and Dog: More Muffin Calamity

This is a short story of the adventures of Diva and her precious pooch Paisley:   Diva loves Muffins. Particularly blueberry muffins. She had a muffin with lunch. Paisley (the dog) was eyeing the muffin. Paisley probably had never tried a blueberry muffin this delicious. Diva looked away. Paisley leaped. The muffin fell. Paisley snatched … Continue reading

The Enduring Adventures of Potty Princess and Paisley the Dog.

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack! It has been awhile since I posted, the holidays were crazy busy and so many things were taking up my time. I started off my new year with resolutions, like half the world, and here they are: Pay down my car loan and pay off my credit card. (Doable) Write something I am … Continue reading

Dear Drivers, When You CHOOSE To TXT And Drive, Your Car Becomes A WMD.

  Diva and I are super thankful to our Guardian Angels this morning. They were seriously working overtime. It is a foggy, dreary and drizzly day outside today; we have already been out and about in it for our morning run and the visibility combined with the rainy misting is not great. I should have … Continue reading

Traditional or Liberated? Stress, Women and June Cleaver.

Recently, I got pretty sick. Not your standard fall flu but drop-down, exhaustion, migraine, emotionally-draining sick. I was told by the lovely little Dougie Houser M.D. that it was something related to an “Acute Stress Reaction.” (I still don’t know what that is!) He recommended that I do my best to remove some stress from … Continue reading

Happy Humanitarian Fairy is dropping happiness. On your head. Look out!

Listen up, interwebz.   I, the nicknamed Happy Heathen/Happy Humanitarian/Happy Fairy, am going to drop some happiness on your head. Why? Because I can. And it’s important for your health.   Some days, life seriously sucks. It does. Nothing goes right. You miss your flight. Your luggage is lost. You hate your situation. You feel … Continue reading

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