Leggings a-go-go or Leggings a-no-no? A Societal Reaction Checklist for Leggings-as-Pants

We have all seen it. Leggings…as pants. Sometimes (rarely) it works, but most times it does not. As a general rule of thumb, LEGGINGS/TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS!   Inspired by an awful incident on the train this afternoon, and with the help of Facebook, I have created the “Societal Reaction Checklist of Questions” to assist … Continue reading

Toddler + Beige Carpet + Paint Extravaganza = No Mess, No Fear…actually F-U-N!

My kid likes paint. It’s a pretty bold statement to make, but it is, in fact, true. Diva is attracted to paint almost as much as Paisley-the-dog is attracted to the couch. That being said, Diva would paint all day if I let her. If she turns out to be a mini-Picasso, I have a … Continue reading

“Parenting Without Perfection” or “How-I-Stack-Up-When-Compared-To-Fictional-Dryer-Sheet-Commercial-Worlds-of-Reality. Take One”

Oy Vey. I have been reading parenting blogs lately. They are sometimes really fun to read but at times I get really sick of the: Bragging Blogs “my child is an angelic bundle of cherubic innocence who, oh by the way, is working on her fourth language before the age of 4″  Psh. Whatever. My … Continue reading


Zany Zodiac Thursday’s are BAAAACCKKKKKKKK!! Check out your week in our new spot, on the menu bar! Or just click here. Enjoy what the fates have predicted. -Bekah Please note, all predictions are for entertainment purposes and I am not responsible if your life changes because of it. 😉

Too Nutty For A Nutter Butter!

I am nuts. Seriously. N-U-T-S. Nuts. Not just because I love nuts, I do. Peanut butter, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans…I know my way around the nuts. I have just come to this conclusion that life is like a nut bowl and we are all different players. Humor me while I attempt to … Continue reading

“No ma’am! No Nap! BAD MOMMY!”

Today has been not just a day of remembrance and service due to be Veterans Day. In the Diva McKidlet household it has also been a “No good, not funny, very bad day!” Why? We turned off the TV. Caught up on laundry and general domestic merriment AND We re-instituted naptime. ( I know, I know. TERRIBLE … Continue reading

“Keeping it classy?” Online Dating Part 2- The Ladies

OK, we all had a good giggle over the atrocious things the gentlemen put in their online personals. It was funny, it was creepy, and well, yikes! But what about the ladies? We don’t get off scot-free. I went back to the same popular free dating site and changed my settings so I can see … Continue reading

“How To Catch A Creeper!” Online Dating Part 1–The Guys!

We, as a society, love our interwebz. We spend an inordinate amount of our days in front of the computer. We go to school online, we read books, do research, play games, social network, send and recieve email, trade commodities, shop, heck we can even order groceries over the internet! Why not use it to … Continue reading

What is Parenting…25 Tips Take 1

So much has happened in the last few weeks. I will play catch up when I am done catching up to my life. I have stories, y’all. Epic stories. Today, however, let’s play the definition game. I’m in grad school, I am pre-programmed to not only define everything I see, I also must identify what … Continue reading

‘ello, Poppet! Our Obsession With Accents!

We, citizens of the USA, have a slight obsession with accented people. Particularly those people from a “Commonwealth Country” (U.K., Australia, Ireland/Scotland etc…) We love it. We eat it up. Want your game show to succeed? Get an Australian model to emcee it, a snarky British guy to judge it and some sweet Irish lady … Continue reading

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