The Perils of the Secret Keeper

Secrets. They run the world, don’t they? I hold a lot of secrets in the inner recesses of my mind. I think my shrink would call this “tendencies towards compartmentalization.” I envision them as little pigeon holes, like in a mail room. Before you think I am completely off my rocker (debatable) think about it … Continue reading

It’s NOT You: A Letter of Hope in the Midst of Domestic Violence

** I have been an advocate for women and children touched by domestic violence for a long time. One of the reasons I am pursuing my Masters right now is so I can work to develop more family violence prevention programs. Several friends of mine are currently dealing with impossible situations and I not only … Continue reading

Friendcycle: Navigating Grownup Friendships.

There comes a time when people who have been in your life for years simply no longer have a place. It’s a passage of time. A growing older. A realization that what we once had in common has been replaced with an illusion that isn’t worth it anymore to maintain. We change, we grow apart, … Continue reading

“Keeping it classy?” Online Dating Part 2- The Ladies

OK, we all had a good giggle over the atrocious things the gentlemen put in their online personals. It was funny, it was creepy, and well, yikes! But what about the ladies? We don’t get off scot-free. I went back to the same popular free dating site and changed my settings so I can see … Continue reading

“How To Catch A Creeper!” Online Dating Part 1–The Guys!

We, as a society, love our interwebz. We spend an inordinate amount of our days in front of the computer. We go to school online, we read books, do research, play games, social network, send and recieve email, trade commodities, shop, heck we can even order groceries over the internet! Why not use it to … Continue reading

Battle of the Sexes: Bekah’s Rules!

I spend a LOT of time talking to people. A lot of time.  At work, at home, online, in person, at the grocery store, at the gas station, at the trash cans, at the mailboxes, at daycare, on the phone etc… You know those personality quiz things like the Meyer’s Briggs? I scored in the … Continue reading

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