Of Muffin Papers, Burned Cookies and Toilet Trauma

Is it the weekend yet? No? Still Monday? Criminey! As the parent of a toddler, routine is something that is a fact of life. It helps keep Diva on the ball and Lord only knows it assists in the search for my sanity. We love our routines. Every Monday, for example, we bake muffins. It’s … Continue reading

Baby Names: Unpacking the “Youneek” Trends ;)

I have a kid. Maybe, you have a kid too. 😉 I am willing to bet you probably know a few kids. If you are expecting, have had a kid recently, are around kids, OR are just a name-observer you probably have noticed that trends in baby naming have gotten a little out of hand. … Continue reading

What is Parenting…25 Tips Take 1

So much has happened in the last few weeks. I will play catch up when I am done catching up to my life. I have stories, y’all. Epic stories. Today, however, let’s play the definition game. I’m in grad school, I am pre-programmed to not only define everything I see, I also must identify what … Continue reading

Happy Humanitarian Fairy is dropping happiness. On your head. Look out!

Listen up, interwebz.   I, the nicknamed Happy Heathen/Happy Humanitarian/Happy Fairy, am going to drop some happiness on your head. Why? Because I can. And it’s important for your health.   Some days, life seriously sucks. It does. Nothing goes right. You miss your flight. Your luggage is lost. You hate your situation. You feel … Continue reading

‘ello, Poppet! Our Obsession With Accents!

We, citizens of the USA, have a slight obsession with accented people. Particularly those people from a “Commonwealth Country” (U.K., Australia, Ireland/Scotland etc…) We love it. We eat it up. Want your game show to succeed? Get an Australian model to emcee it, a snarky British guy to judge it and some sweet Irish lady … Continue reading

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Got the keys to my parents new place today and went over to make sure everything was ok. Miss Diva loves to have a bunch of empty house to run around in and she just took off, bouncing off the walls and having a grand old time. She was rocketing around, happily, I was inspecting … Continue reading

Twinkle Twinkle Little E-I-E-I-O

We are a musical bunch, here at the Bekah household. I always have music playing and consequently, Diva McCrankyPants loves music. She dances her cute little tushie off and she sings a lot. Recently she has begun serenading herself to sleep, always a wonderful experience to listen to. From before she was born I have sung to … Continue reading

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