Lent 2012: Renew. Restart. Rejuvenate. Rejoice. Respond.

  Here we are, another Lent season upon us. I have always enjoyed Lent as a time to refocus my life and gain spiritual perspective. It is a time for contemplation and reflection and also action. This year, I decided that my Lenten season would be spent with 5 specific goals in mind. 1. Renew: … Continue reading

Traditional or Liberated? Stress, Women and June Cleaver.

Recently, I got pretty sick. Not your standard fall flu but drop-down, exhaustion, migraine, emotionally-draining sick. I was told by the lovely little Dougie Houser M.D. that it was something related to an “Acute Stress Reaction.” (I still don’t know what that is!) He recommended that I do my best to remove some stress from … Continue reading

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